Hey guys! Thanks for checking out my blog!

First of all, who am I? Well, in a nutshell, I’m twenty-four, a Leo, an amateur home cook and currently seeking gainful employment. To my name, I have two degreesĀ (B.Soc.Sci, and B.Soc.Sci. Hons.) from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal. I’m young with stars in my eyes and my head in the clouds, though that isn’t always a bad thing. Right? I hope so..

What is on my bucket list? A White Christmas holiday overseas and to maybe spend New Years in either Edinburgh for Hogmanay (I want to check out Greyfriars cemetery and the Edinburgh vaults to see if Little Jack will hold my hand) or Paris. Ah, who wouldn’t want to spend Christmas in Paris? On that note, is there anyone who is willing to sponsor my stay at The Peninsula Paris? No one, not at all? Ok.. (http://paris.peninsula.com/en/default) If I can’t stay in a luxury five star hotel, I’ll probably be crashing on someone’s couch. I’m a member on https://www.couchsurfing.com, so if you’ve had any good or bad experiences on there, please let me know!

In my spare time, I like to watch TV series like ‘Downton Abbey’, ‘Teen Wolf”, ‘Revenge’, ‘Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents’ and ‘Penny Dreadful’. I’m always open to new series, so drop me a mail and I’ll check it out. I enjoy quite a variety of music, songs over genre, so I can’t put down a definite top ten. Same goes for movies, I love movies but I’ve seen so many that I can’t specifically rank them in order of best to worst. But, some of my favorites that I can watch over and over again are ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’, ‘The Village’, ‘The Notebook’, ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’, ‘Inception’ and ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’.

This is my first blog where I hope to jot down my thoughts, experiences, adventures and general odds and sods, so please be gentle and take me softly, sweetly.. And with a pinch of salt!




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